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Welcome to my site devoted to those lads Blur. I could go on for ages about why they're so great but instead I'll let you find out for yourself. Thanks to everyone who helped me get started. Extra special big hugs to Anna and Holly for keeping me up to date with the latest gossip

I know I haven't updated this site for absolutely ages but I've been to busy listening to Blur's fabbo new album. I've promised myself that soon I'm going to give this page a brand new re-vamp but I just can't find the time. For up-to-date info that can't be beaten try these two sites. They've got all the latest info and you won't be disapointed.

Official Blur Website

Official Blur Fan Club

My page is for fellow Blur fans to find out stuff they want to know and get in touch with each other. I've got a message board so you can ask each other questions or I'm just working on a thingy that lets you meet some new pals. And of course there is a chat room. If you know any other people who would like to meet people of the same interests point them towards here.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to waste my time then just E-mail me at any time. Or if you have AOL Instant Messanger, you can IM me at 'Chumpski1'

To navigate around this page just click on the bloke or subject you're interested in.

The Chatroom has been a little empty lately so I arranged a meeting so that everyone who wants to chat can. If you wanna get in touch with fellow Blur fans and talk about any topic, then go to the chat room at 5.00pm G.M.T. anyday. Sorry I dont know what time that is anywhere else in the world.

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