Graham Coxon

“You become totally aware of your every action.  It’s a very weird thing not to be able to
walk to the shops without thinking of yourself as the guitarist from Blur walking to the

“We’re quite strict about being musically correct, using the right chords”

“When we finish one album, we immediately start thinking of the next one”

“Damon wasn’t liked (at school) and I thought he was a vain wanker.”

“Damon? Sexy?  He’s as sexy as a stuffed fish pal.”

“We spend a lot of time sitting in cafes drinking tea.  We like cake and tea…”

“I lose a lot more weight when I come off tour coz I don’t know how to look after myself
anymore and I don’t eat.  You’re just pampered and looked after, aren’t you?”

“Jump up and down, fall over, puke.”

“Of course I’m a hedonist, what else is there to live for?  The rest is just killing time.”

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