Birmingham NEC

Sat 6th December

I went to see Blur play at the Birmingham NEC on Sat 6th December 1997 and what a night!  I was in
an especially good mood because just that afternoon Wolves had beaten Man City putting those
Gallagher brothers in their places.

I made sure that my Dad dropped us off early to give me and my mate, Kim plenty of time to spend our
money and chat to the lads sitting near us.  Unfortunately the lads turned out to be nutters but you can’t
have everything on one night.

The support bands were The ShireHorses (featuring Mark and Lard from Radio 1) and Super Furry
Animals.  The ShireHorses were a bit disappointing.  All they did was get well known songs and change
the lyrics a bit.  How dare they think they could get a way with altering ‘Country House’ or as they
called it ‘Country Spouse’.  “I live with my spouse, a very big spouse, in the country”  Although you
just had to laugh at their rip off of Hanson’s MmmBop.  Mark Radcliff even said well done to Wolves
on their victory over Man City.

Super Furry Animals were their usual great selves and me, Kim and the nutters were soon singing along
happily to ‘Demons’.

But you don’t want to know about all that rubbish do ya.  The great moment happened at about ten past
nine when Blur popped out.  Straight away they kicked into Beetlebum.  I couldn’t see Graham because
he was standing at a funny angle to me but I could see the rest in all their amazing glory.  They had
those big screens up so I got an EXTRA big look at Damon’s bum when he lent over to put down his
guitar at the end.

Damon said that the Birmingham and WOLVERHAMPTON area was close to his heart and made a
mention of JB’s nightclub (a cool place in Dudley).  If you haven’t noticed I’m a Wolverhampton lass
through and through so this came to me as a blessing from the lord.  He dedicated There’s No Other
Way to the crowd and said that the club was where it “all kinda started”.

They were their usual energetic selves; Damon jumped off the stage and went round grabbing every one
on the front row's hands.  How I wished I was there instead of with the weirdo’s who were screaming
equally as loud as me, and that takes some doing.  It was great to hear some of the oldies like ‘Coping’
which have been neglected a bit since the success of Parklife.

Then came the worst news in the world.  Damon announced that they weren’t going to tour anymore. 
I’d already heard about it from my friend Holly a week before but hearing the words coming from his
mouth made it seem all too real.  Just think I’m not going to be able to see them again in good old

They finished off with Song 2.  I may have gone blind, deaf and almost broken my neck but this was the
best 1 min 50 secs I have ever spent in my entire life.  It was the best way they could have possibly
finished the show and we let them know it.  But why did Alex stand with his legs so far apart?  He had
them that wide you could see a definite sign of his manhood showing through. Not that I’m
complaining!!! I was watching Jools Holland's Hootenanny on New Year’s Eve and when Blur came
round to doing Song 2 on that Alex suddenly spread his legs really far apart again.  Is it something to do
with the fact that he can’t keep his balance?

Anyway, the concert was generally amazing.  Damon was being his lovely, chirpy self, Graham was
concentrating hard on playing like a God, Alex was being a God, of sex that is, and Dave was smashing
away happily in his little corner.

I’m not sure of what the order was but the setlist was:
On Your Own
Colin Zeal
I’m Just a Killer for Your Love (and Damon, so am I)
Chinese Bombs
Death of a Party
Movin’ On
She’s So High
Theme From Retro
Swallows In The Heatwave
Girls And Boys
For Tommorow
The Universal
This is a Low
Bank Holiday
Globe Alone                                       
There’s No Other Way
Song 2

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