Am I Alex from Blur
by Alex James

I'm late for everything. It's getting dark. Looking good, Houston.
blur  11am Woke up, looked in mirror and saw that I was Alex from Blur. That's
 Camden for you. You don't even have to go out the door before you see a member
 of a band. 

      1pm Passed by a shop window and saw my reflection again. "That's Alex from
 Blur!" I thought to myself. I looked around in confusion before 
remembering that I was Alex from Blur. Felt rush of pride, even though I'm only 
the bass player. 

      2pm Someone asked me for my autograph and I was again reminded that I am 
Alex from Blur. Camden - where stars wit around every corner. 

      3pm I turn a corner but no one is there to see me. I hide behind the corner 
until I see someone approaching with a Menswe@r T-shirt. A pretty safe bet 
that he'll recognise me, so I bump into him on purpose. 

"Ahhh!" he says "You're Alex from Blur." 

"Yes" I say. "I am Alex from Blur."

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