Alex James


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Alex Biography

“The first time I met Damon, he completely pissed me off. His music sounded like Brother Beyond.”

Graham and I soon discovered that we had lots in common – including a love of booze and guitars.”

Life’s a sauna, and then you have a shower.”

Suede – borrowed money, borrowed talent, borrowed quotes, borrowed time… at a good rate of interest.”

“Did you know there are no bass players in Debrett’s guide to famous people?”

“The problem with Germans… no offence or anything but they’re all Damon – they all want to be in charge.”

“Touring’s a dream. You don’t have to pay for anything, you go to a different place every day, everywhere you go you get beer and drugs free, girls scream at you and you feel… shit actually, most of the time. But it’s good.”

My music teacher has recently been sent to prison for being a buttock fondler, which may explain why I never took to music lessons.”